Synergy Cash Flow Solutions offers a range of innovative solutions to address both immediate and long term cash flow needs.

Understanding your business is the first step in determining the most effective solution that will facilitate the optimal long term execution of your businesses strategy.

Receivables Funding

Synergy has access to a number of innovative products that are able to provide either a one off funding solution to meet unexpected cash flow challenges or to provide ongoing facilities that will provide long term cash flow improvements and facilitate the execution of the businesses strategies. The key focus is on speed of implementation and ease of use.

Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance Premium Funding allows the client to spread its insurance bills over the term of the cover rather than paying upfront. It smooths the cash flow and frees up capital to meet other obligations or to take advantage of other opportunities that may arise.

Accounting and Legal Fee Finance

Fee funding is a specialist form of finance which enables clients to pay their accounting and legal invoices via simple monthly instalments. Through the association with FeeSynergy, we are able to arrange payment of 100% of the invoice upfront to the professional service provider. The client then repays FeeSynergy in equal monthly instalments over an agreed term.